We manufacture skirting boards and door casings in veneered wood

Are you looking for a supplier of skirting boards and door casings?

Facea is a company specializing in manufacturing skirting boards and semi-finished profiles, with an extensive know-how of raw materials and processing techniques.

Are you looking for an industrially manufactured yet finely crafted product?

We can work closely with you. We are open to customize our products and we don’t just offer our warehouse merchandise.

Are you looking for a long-lasting quality?

We manufacture semi-finished profiles with first-rate veneered wood and engineered wood, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting quality.

If we have got your interest and you would like more information, please contact us. We will be at your disposal.

manufacturer of custom skirting boards and semi-finished door casings.


We have been manufacturing exclusively semi-finished door casings and skirting boards for almost 50 years.


Thanks to our make-to-order approach, we offer our clients the chance to request highly customized skirting boards and door casings, with a wide choice of around 30 different shapes and wood types.


We use engineered wood, solid wood, MDF or OSB. For veneers we choose European, American or exotic wood.
The raw materials come from certified sustainably managed forests, in accordance with international eco-friendly standards.


Our extensive know-how of materials and manufacturing techniques, along with our technological investments, our qualified professionals and our artisanal approach to production, allow us to offer high-quality, long-lasting semi-finished products.

Facea: Eco-friendly manufacturing

Our photovoltaic system covers 80% of the company’s energy needs.

Our wood comes from certified sustainably managed forests.

This leads to a lower environmental impact for an eco-friendly manufacturing.

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